Bread & Jam - A short history

Hey, we’re a wife and husband creative team who work from a little black cabin in deepest darkest Cumbria.

We started Bread & Jam to earn a little extra money, whilst Jamie was freelancing and Catherine was raising our two girls and making things to sell at craft fairs locally. Interest in our work was brisk and we found Bread & Jam was dominating most of our time, so we decided to pool our creative and business skills and run Bread & Jam as a grown up business rather than a money making hobby.

We’ve been designing and making things from our studio since 2012, initially hand printing most of what we design, using techniques such as letterpress and screen printing. We became busy, very busy very quickly, so we had to tailor what we did to meet demand, which meant we had to decide to move some of our work to a digital printing process. We can happily disclose that the balance between the handmade techniques versus digital became a little digital heavy, so we are now feeling our way back to making things with our own hands, using our own skills and it feels good.

We have a very keen eye for detail, which means that if you receive one of our pieces or buy something for yourself, then you can rest assured that we have taken very good care of your order. From start to finish we pride ourselves on making sure that from the moment you receive your order it will be a joyous voyage of discovery and delight.

We have quite modest aims for our future, which keep the momentum going for Bread & Jam and the work we produce. We are currently enjoying renovating an old rural farmhouse, which has been uninhabited for at least 30 years. We’ve also recently put some savings into an old horsebox called Trailer Swift, which we are hoping to transform into a mini home from home. We then want to be able to explore all corners of the UK and beyond over the next few years.

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