Supplies To Stay Alive Tote Bag

Supplies To Stay Alive Tote Bag

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Sometimes you just have to press reset and go back to basics, the stuff of life.

The only things is, we all have a different take on what's essential, what's life giving and life affirming!

What would be the things which you can't live without? Bread and butter? Tea and biscuits? Or perhaps coffee and chocolate? We simply cannot get by without wine and cake here at Bread & Jam, not necessarily in that order!

This bag will make the ideal gift for someone who you know will fill the bag with non essential, life affirming stuff.

It would work equally for someone who might be health consious and want to fill it with grains and nutrients, these people do exist, we are aware of that!

The bag could also work as a slightly tongue in cheek get well gift, which you could fill with lovely treats which would aid recovery or at the very least put a smile on their face.

If you know someone who's off to uni or moving out for the first time, fill this with "essentials" and give it to them as a leaving gift.

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H 41 cm x W 35 cm, with shoulder handles