Send Help Cotton Tote Bag

Send Help Cotton Tote Bag

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You're all out of ideas, energy and now wine! Could today get any worse?

Fear not, help is at hand and rest assured, they do a fine line in Lambrini at your local corner shop!

The best thing you can do is laugh and ensure eveyone knows how you feel. Use this bag, it will ensure you cover both bases on that front!

This cotton tote bag is the perfect gift for mums (and some dads) new and not so shiny new mums this Mother's Day and beyond.

The cotton tote is hot pink and the text has been printed in metallic gold, cos you're all bling and that!

It has handles, so you can hold it (or sling over your shoulder), imagine that!

It's advisable to wash it separately, unless you want you frilly white smalls to be not so white!

If you need to iron a bag, please do it inside out (the reverse side to the print) so it doesn't stick to your iron and ruin it!

But then you know all this because you're a super mum!

made from:

100% cotton


H 41cm x W 35 cm, with shoulder handles