Really Useful Pantry Labels: Starter Set

Really Useful Pantry Labels: Starter Set

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Get organised and feel domestically smug with our "Really Useful" storage jar self adhesive labels.

This starter set of labels are just the things to keep your cupboards and selves orgainsed and neat. Hopefully helping you to avoid cooking disasters

Ideal as a gift for someone buying a new home, or for a budding chef.

This set consists of a massive 95 clear self adhesive labels printed in a bold, black typographical style so that your storage jars and canisters are as clear possible.

There are four sheets of labels: one sheet of flours, sugar & salt, one sheet of pasta, rice & noodles, one sheet of pulses & grains, one sheet of herbs and spices. Please see the information graphic for all the labels included in the starter set.

The sheets comes sealed in a A4 wax envelope and are posted out in a sturdy cardboard envelope.

These labels are water resistant and wipeable. However, they are not dishwasher safe.

Please note: these self adhesive labels will stick to most non porous surfaces including glass, ceramic and metal. We cannot guarantee these will stick to wooden or other porous surfaces. The labels are designed to work on flat or curved surfaces however, if the surface curves in 2 directions then it may cause some distortion and cockling along the edges. Labels can be trimmed to fit.

We also have a range of additional gourmet pantry labels to add to your starter set. These consist of two extra sheets of really useful labels available in three different categories. Please refer to the extra pictures to see what each gourmet addition set consists of.

When purchasing the additional gourmet sets alongside a starter set these will all be included in the wax envelope together.

made from:

Crystal clear self adhesive labels.

Please note the jars are not included.


Sticker size : approx 3.7cm x 2cm (65 at this size)

Sticker size : approx 9.9cm x 5.7cm (30 at this size)

Provided on an A4 sheet.