Personalised Best Mum Ever Keepsake

Personalised Best Mum Ever Keepsake

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Tell Mum how much and why you love her so much and why she's the best mum EVER!

Mum's are special, they have an uncanny ability of being in the right place at the right time, to pick you and bring you to your feet again, to let you know you're invincible when you need to hear it and to tell you when you need to act with a bit more humility.

It's true what they say, Mother's do indeed know best and this personalised set is a perfect way to express how much you appreciate Mum and to say thanks for all those things she does for you, large meaningful things and the seemingly insignificant ones too.

It's time you let her know how much she means to you and to not let another moment pass until she knows this.

How you can personalise each set:

Just let us know your all time favourite reasons why your mum is the best ever and we'll make an extra special luxury set for you to give or to send.

These ten glass tubes are neatly tucked up into a luxury white box with copper print. Each reason is printed onto pearlescent paper and folded into the tube to maintain secrecy until they are opened.

We can personalise each reason in the tubes and there is a vellum cover on the inside when you open the box.

The vellum cover can be personalised under the title, please refer to the photos. If you would rather not personalise this part then please leave the box blank when completing the options.

Each personalised message is printed on a happy pearlescent buttermilk yellow.

Please note: we will cut and paste your messages exactly as they have been written and we receive them, so please check your grammar and spelling carefully. You will not be supplied with a proof.

Some languages cannot be used due to the requirement for specific characters and please try to avoid using symbols such as hearts or smiley faces.

There is a character limit of 60 for each reason, this includes spaces and punctuation. The character limit for the vellum top sheet is 150. Again, this includes spaces and punctuation.

Brought to you by Bread & Jam - Purveyors of happy

made from:

Glass, cork, and paper.


Box size is approx 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.5 cm

Each glass tube is approx 10 cm x 1.3cm