Not to Do List Pad

Not to Do List Pad

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What you really need to do is stop doing the to do list and do the "NOT to do" list instead! Are we clear?

Whether you have a light hearted afflication for eating too much cake or a more serious habit of wearing odd shoes by mistake, you need to take yourself in hand and give yourself a good talking to. Alternatively, you can use the "NOT To Do" list to ensure keep on the straight and narrow.

We are all used to pages and pages of 'to do' lists, but instead of planning what needs to be done, why not have a list of what you're not going to do.

With fifty pages in this pad, you have fifty attempts, so if at first you dont succeed there's always tomorrow.

We have a range of memo pads and desk jotters available in our shop.

Brought to you by Bread & Jam - Purveyors of happy

made from:

80gsm paper with a cardboard back


21cm x 10.5cm