A Little Book Of Shared Thoughts Notebook

A Little Book Of Shared Thoughts Notebook

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A little book for sharing thoughts and ideas between friends. Sharing is caring after all.

Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared with others. It never bolongs to us, we all just borrow it until it's the time to pass it on to someone who needs it.

Use this notebook to jot down an inspirational thought, a doodle, words of wisdom, or some valueable information you treasure and pass it on to your nearest and dearest.

Whether you're a group of like minded folk who meet up regularly, friends who go way back or long distance pals, you can all contribute something to this book of wisdom and shared notions.

What nugget of gold would you share? Something that your nanna has told you, a mantra that you live by, a recipe you cant live without or something else?

Once you've added your piece, give this notebook to a collegaue, drop round at your mum's or post out to a friend. Every time the book is passed on, knowledge and thoughts, ideas and inspirations will be shared. Soon the book will jam packed full of wisdom, a treat for anyone that receives this to read, treasure and pass on.

The notebook contains 40 plain sides to be filled with wonder.

Boought to you by Bread & Jam - Purveyors of happy

made from:

350gsm card, and 80gsm paper


A5 - 21cm x 14.5cm